• April 8, 2020
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Online Radiology Tech Degree Options

Those seeking an online radiology degree don’t have many options. Not many of these programs are available. However, there is one such program at Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences that leads to a Bachelor of Science in diagnostic medical sonography. This is a degree intended for people who already have training and / or experience in this area, but not for people who are just starting out.

This online degree in radiology is a great option for those who want to work full time while studying or for those who live in an area without schools with an accredited radiology education and study program.

How to Become a Radiology Tech with an Online Radiology

The Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences course is accredited by the American Registry of Radiological Technologists (ARRT), so those who complete this program can be certified by this organization after passing the exam if they are not already certified.

The entire radiological technology program lasts about two years and four months or seven semesters, each with a duration of fifteen weeks. A total of six to nine credits are offered each semester, of which a total of sixty credits are required for graduation. Course work and study are expected to take approximately fifteen to twenty hours a week if you take full course work during the semester. Unlike some online degree programs, this program does not require campus visits, so it should be practical for most people wherever they live.

Best Online Radiology Technician Schools

The lessons in this program are taught through a combination of multimedia presentations, reading the textbooks and readings of the course, and discussions with professors and classmates via email and in online discussion groups. Throughout the program there is also an opportunity for students to do part of their coursework in small groups. Each student is also brought together with an advisor who works on-site and acts as a mentor to help the student through the program.